Theme- Infrastructure Idea Hunt for Nepal Infrastructure Summit 2019

The objectives of the event is to encourage Nepalese to participate from all sectors of the communities to come up with a creative and an innovative INFRASTRUCTURE (transportation, irrigation, energy, housing, digital, etc.) ideas to solve the existing infrastructure deficit and address to the possible future need for our country’s development. Furthermore, the event envisions to raise awareness on the negative impact on overall human development and importance of active participation from all sectors of the communities to identify problems and come up or make suggestion on possible innovative solutions.

Final Outcomes:

  • Top 10 Ideas will be presented at Nepal Infrastructure Summit 2019
  • Top 3 Ideas will be rewarded
    1. 1st Prize- 150,000
    2. 2nd Prize- 100,000
    3. 3rd Prize- 50,000


All Nepalis living in Nepal and abroad who has an innovative solutions and ideas to solve infrastructure problem in Nepal. The IDEA HUNT is open for any Individuals & Companies at any stage of the venture, startups, Scale Ups, students and future entrepreneurs.

EVERYONE can Participate!

Idea Studio Nepal will be facilitating the Infrastructure Idea Hunt in terms of application calling, selection, and training of the selected participants.

Sorry, The deadline has already been expired.